Mission Statement

Friday 29th July 2016

Farewell Statement

As we fast approach the start of the new season we felt it appropriate to announce that AVPG will be going into hibernation, hopefully a permanent one.

The sole aim of us as a group when we came together was to try to influence positive change at the club in terms of its ownership and to hopefully see it go forward with ambition and purpose something that had been lacking for a number of years.

With the arrival of Dr Tony Xia we believe this now heralds the new dawn we have all been craving and we trust that he will be good to his words and take this club forward and back to the heights of our illustrious past.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Dr Tony Xia, the board, Roberto Di Matteo, his coaching staff, the players and the many others involved with this great football club the best of luck going forward. You have the honour of serving a fantastic football club. We would also like to thank everyone of the supporters that backed us during last season’s protests. Without your help and backing the protests and the potential impact they had would not have been possible.

For our part we will now get back to doing what we love best. Supporting this great football as it embarks on a bright new future.

Thank you.

Aston Villa Protest Group.

Opening note:

We are asking you, the suffering masses, to stand firm with your fellow supporter and display your dissatisfaction by whatever means necessary.

Whilst we do not support personal abuse of the owner, directors, manager or players, we also refuse to be served platitudes by Mr. Lerner or anyone else from within the organisation that is bleeding us dry; These supporters who were here over a hundred and twenty years before them and will be here forevermore whilst security and tea ladies, ticket staff and boot boys alike face redundancy thanks to their combined abject failure. Whilst our hopes and dreams wither and die.

Why are we doing this?

We the fans, the heart of the club, have been fed a false narrative time and again over the last decade and our jaded and cynical fan-base has lost confidence in those in power with regards to their ability, or indeed their inclination to take this grand institution forward. We are disaffected, we are angry and we are not going to sit back and take this anymore.

“I don’t think he (Lerner) is a motivated seller right now…” – Tom Fox, January 2015

In the interest of forcing a change of direction a group of long term and dedicated fans are developing ways to pressure the club to provide us with the so called ‘bright future’ that Randy Lerner promised and to be the true ‘custodian’ that he declared himself to be. We believe that ultimately this needs to be via a sale. We believe Mr Lerner needs to reconsider his asking price and that it is upon us as supporters to re-motivate him to find a buyer.

In the meantime there needs to be a firm commitment to invest in the squad to ensure that the clubs inevitable spell in the Championship is a very brief one and that we are ultimately able to assemble a squad capable of competing in the Premier League once again. In addition it will require people to be brought on to the board who have the knowledge and experience gained from working with in football and who will thus provide the manager with the correct tools to put things right on the pitch.

What are we doing?

Given recent events our proposal for the Chelsea home game (April 2nd), live on BT Sports, is that fans bring their own banners, of all sorts and of any size. Whether that be a bed sheet, a t-shirt or even a piece of A3 paper with a written message to display to a national audience their disgust at recent events. Whatever the size or shape, it doesn’t matter. The cameras will capture it. We will hold them up on the 74th minute and they will stay held until the end of the game. The game is on TV of course, so the visual aspect will be electric and will only serve to further highlight the way our club has been driven in to the gutter.

We are not atypical protestors but feel it is incumbent on us to protect the club for future generations and will therefore also be considering other creative forms of protest with the ultimate aim of a radical change in direction.

What is the objective?

Our long term objective is thus; Mr Lerner must resume actively seeking a buyer with the financial support and the business and footballing acumen to restore this club to glory. In the meanwhile he must stay true to his word to be a custodian and nurture this magnificent football club as is fitting of her tradition and potential. We have released an Open Letter to Mr Lerner, available on this site, which further explains our objectives.

Though in the short to medium term our motives are even simpler than that…

These protests are a show of hands, we want there to be no doubts left. We aim to openly demonstrate that we will not idly take this any longer. To show that Aston Villa and her long suffering fans are ‘Prepared’ for action even when those at board level are not. This grand old football club, this institution that we hold so dear is rotten to the core and the end of the tether has been reached, we are bubbling over.

Up the Villa.

– Aston Villa Protest Group

Get up, stand up and be counted, walk out to save our club! Follow us on Twitter – @OTDO74 and also like our Facebook page.


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8 months 4 days ago

Incredible work guys, keep it up! I’ll be out the door with you, let the lion roar!

8 months 23 hours ago
You have invested too much in this so presumably there is no turning back. But be honest with yourself – showing stern solidarity and support, and walking out is a total contradiction. It is simply not going to happen. If 25% of the crowd depart (which I doubt) then those that walk out will be one quarter of the crowd. If you want to show solidarity, you need to be with the majority, who will stay. You will ignore this, but that is a simple statistical truth. I could never walk out of Villa Park during a game – my… Read more »
8 months 26 minutes ago

Criticisms are not being ignored Stenny I assure you.

David Gogerty
David Gogerty
8 months 6 hours ago

Fully support your actions, but when asking fans who have bought season tickets to walk out why stop there. As customers, we are expected to give our money and loyalty to AVFC – or that is what the regime believe. So, until this is resolved, stop buying ANYTHING from the Club: no programmes, food or drink and stop using the Club Shop. See how that affects the attitude of dismissing any action against there superiority complex. All the best, I won’t be joining you as I refuse to take my seat until this rotten regime is gone. UTV.

David Rose
David Rose
7 months 27 days ago
A SILENT PROTEST WILL WORK BETTER I guess it’s too close to the Everton game to change the minds of those who have decided to walk out. I have never left a game early in my life and don’t want to start now. There are many others out there who feel the same. A better protest would be to have during the game a two minute silence in memory of the club we used to be. It could start on the 74th minute. It could start on the 82nd minute. During that two minutes even if we score we maintain… Read more »
Steve Williams
Steve Williams
7 months 26 days ago

It’s a nice idea, but that would be impossible to coordinate. Unless literally every single person in the ground got behind your protest, it wouldn’t even be noticed.

Walking out is made for TV cameras. It doesn’t require 100% buy-in. If you don’t want to walk out, nobody is forcing you to, but bear in mind we are asking for nothing more than missing sixteen minutes of the match in order to send an unmistakable message to the board that enough is enough, and we won’t be taken for granted any more.

David Shepherd
David Shepherd
7 months 19 days ago

Why don’t we have a protest at the start of a match, first few minutes nobody goes in, empty stadium, then take our seats after a few minutes?

5 months 25 days ago

I have supported the actions of the group so far but I am very much against walking out during a match, I think this says more about the fans than the club. I don’t want to be viewed as a quitter I don’t accept it from the team and firmly believe that some orchestrated chant from the fans is more effective? Maybe total silence for five minutes might attract attention but not a walkout.